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Business/Organization Information Independent consultant on financial & tax policy to large financial services companies.
Tell us about yourself: Happily married for 35 years. Two children. One a banker, the other a doctor. Wife is a maths teacher. I have a PhD in tax law. Practical person who likes outdoors/cyclist/radio ham/woodwork and always busy with a new project. Really want to bring out the best in my new dog.
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South Africa


Western Cape

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I live in Somerset West near Cape Town on the perimeter of wine farms. We therefore by permission have good access to walks, swimming and a variety of settings. I have owned dogs my whole life (age 57) and have acquired my second Rottweiler who is now 13 weeks old after the former dog ‘Benji’ died. ‘Russ’ is from thoroughbred German lines from Craffenheim (breeder). I have joined the site to improve my own knowledge and skills in addition to the live training that he will beginning in the next few weeks. We have had an outbreak of Parvo in SA and have had to be extra careful about socialising as this breed does not survive the virus. Had his third vaccination at 12 weeks.

We have a staffie who is three (his armour plated wrestling buddy) and a toy pom who is 16 years old and non-sociable.

I have begun all the basic commands in sequence from “sit” to “down” etc. as he develops familiarity. Phase 1 “heel” training began about 2 weeks ago. In addition to basic obedience commands I try to offer him a new external exposure regularly (walks in the forest, crossing a stream, climbing over a tree trunk, walk at the dam, nearby field, meeting children). He is a quick learner. Beginning of leash training has been easy. He inserts his head through the harness without any inducement. Confident and affectionate. Keen to please. Follows me like a tail. Will be a large dog. Long line of champions on both sides. Good leadership therefore required as he develops. We already have a very strong bond, which I and the family also had with the previous rottie.

The training is more about me upping my understanding and technique and the rest will follow. Would like to ensure that there are logical and structured building blocks as his training develops.