I named her "Little Bear" when i first got her, but she out grew that name in no time at all.  So now I just call her "Bear". She's a little over 8 mth old. Bi color. Almost all black with a little bit of tan an her feet. Shes a great dog. Super intelligent. This is my first GSD, but i could tell right away she would require more advanced training to reach her full potential, and for me to get the most enjoyment out of her. She doesn't seem to have a mean bone in her body.  She's house broken and kennel trained. My biggest problems with her right now are leash walking and the way she interacts with people and other animals. She got big fast and shes still growing. Getting stronger by the day. We left our house on 2 acres, and relocated to Austin for work.  Living in an extended stay suite at the moment. She's adapting pretty well. She stays in her Kennel while Im at work and doesn't make too much noise or tear up the room. Taking her for walks is a really unenjoyable process for me. I haved to avoid other people and dogs because she's a complete spazz, lunging and jumping on anybody she can. she goes berzerk when she sees another dog. I know she just wants to play, but she doesn't realize how big and scary she looks. She thinks shes still a "Little Bear"