1. I really, really wish you well, Allie. You aren’t the same person I encountered a coupla years ago. I hope it’s not blasphemy to say this, but imho Rogue was an expression of God’s Grace.

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss it’s never easy to loose a pet(soul mate) and I understand completely the feelings of connecting with another being so strongly that it changes you and challenges you to become better even during those times that the frustration is so strong and the desire to just quit and give up is right there.For me it’s my Daisy girl it’s been challenging to say the least but she’s mine forever and I’m so grateful that she is in my life and pushed me to try harder.I don’t really post much here but I very much admire your courage in putting yourself out there for everyone to see,always willing to offer encouragement and help to anyone on the site and I know Stormi was deeply loved and loved you just as much.

  2. Allie– I wasn’t online for a few months and missed this post. I am sorry for your loss but Happy for the time you had with Stormy.
    I will watch your video now.. But just wanted to write this to you..