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Certifications IAABC associate
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Tell us about yourself: Studied on line and with mentor at Animal Behavior Collage (NOT IAABC affiliated). Volunteered at local animal shelter, found it to be high kill. The instruction I received from ABC was insufficient to quickly and effectively basic train a shelter dog to enable it to be adopted and find its forever home. After way too many great dogs were euthanized after spending 24-30+ hours working with them I finally decided (wife actually) the emotional toll was destroying me. Ended up moving completely out of state (California) to escape constant reminders of lost dogs. Now living out in country and rescued two more dogs (Bloodhounds this time) up to 16 total. All great dogs but all need real life training, planning on also setting up a agility course. The bloodhounds and the doberman I would like to train as scent trackers for search and rescue out here in the country. Would also like to volunteer at the shelter and quickly train dogs their basic commands to get them adopted permanently.
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Charles Mitchell