Frøyja is sassy and the smallest of our dogs. She is sweet and loving and always wants to cuddle and interrupt other dogs getting attention from us. She is very smart but stubborn, aggressive and territorial. If the dogs are out in the yard when the mail carrier comes by they will skip our house and hold our mail until the next day that they aren't out because she barks and jumps at anyone who walks by the yard. She even does this to me and my husband when we pull up to the house or come in the door. Her behavior is by far the most concerning and the reason I've been searching out new ways to handle the dogs because she doesn't seem to take well to the other methods of training I've tried. She also likes to occasionally poop on our bed and the floor in our bedroom and our boys'. If any laundry is left on the floor in our laundry area (it has no door) she will pee on it and any bedding that gets kicked to floor. As a result we have to keep her kenneled at night and keep all doors closed at all times if she is not outside or in her kennel. Frøyja is also obsessed with digging in the garbage and getting feminine hygiene products out of our bathroom trash as well as eating my underwear. It had gotten to a point where we tried to regime her but there were no interested people and our youngest son is very attached to her.