Rowdy is a very good dog. Hes been my demo dog to a lot of people. He has helped me rehabilitate other dogs too. He has been trained to not react to other dogs aggressively even if they start it. He is to come to me and I'll take care of everything. 


I got him when I was working at a dog daycare. He had been coming to daycare a lot and also had been boarded many times. He was a hard dog to board because he was too smart and could get out of our enclosures over night. Eventually the owner asked if we could take him and rehome him. She was very distraught but the police told her if he got out of her fence one more time they'd put him to sleep. I took the dog on and fostered him for a month until I found someone to take him. The guy was not a very smart guy and decided to walk Rowdy off leash the very day he got him. Of course the dog ran off. I went out looking for him. I did find him but he was spooked so ran. We found him the next day! When we met to finalize the adoption Rowdy started screaming and whining and pulling on the leash to get to me (something he never does; pull on the leash) the guy dropped the leash and Rowdy ran straight to me and followed me in a heel position. The guy said Rowdy never gets that excited to see him and that he he couldn't take Rowdy from me. He was too bonded. I decided to keep Rowdy. He was a troublemaker at first but with proper training I was able to get him under control. I now walk him off leash everywhere. I trust him 100% he used to hate people but now he loves everyone including kids (which I thought was odd)

He has his CGC and 3 AKC trick titles. I've taught this dog so much and he has helped me learn so much and has made me become a dog trainer. I've learned so much and am always looking to learn more. Hes helped me rehab fearful dogs and even aggressive dogs.