Laney is a very fearful German Shepherd mix. She is very fearful of humans. She wasnt socialized at all as a puppy. I got her at 10 months old to work with her and foster her. She was with me for about 3 weeks before the rescue needed me to work with another fearful dog case (not as bad as Laney who we describe as feral) I had that foster dog for only w weeks before she was adopted out. Laney came back for about 2 months before she had to leave again for me to work with a very dominant and fear aggression German Shepherd Husky mix. I worked with that guy for 2 months before he was adopted out. Laney came back to me for a few more months before I found an awesome family for her. She was adopted out for 6 months before she was yet again returned to me. She wasnt bonding with the husband at all.


I've been working with Laney to overcome her fears. She a normal happy dog no with me. Very playful and friendly. Loves treats! Toys are fun too. Loves to play with other dogs and is just plain goofy. I've taught her so many things too. She can sit, down, place, walk nice on a leash, her recall is pretty good (always improving on it everyday), she puts her two front paws on the touch pad. She knows what target means, she can shake, high five and crawl (I use stretch because it's more of her stretching out then actually crawling)