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Country United States of America (the)
Certifications Holly and Hugo Dog Behaviorist.
(It was online and a purely positive but I'm smarter then that!)
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Tell us about yourself: I foster dogs with the DFW German Shepherd Rescue and have been working with those dogs and training my fosters for about 3 or 4 years now. I have worked with aggressive dogs and fearful feral dogs. I've even worked with the happy go lucky pups but that is usually rare.

I work at an animal shelter right now that has to adhere to the public image. I can train the dogs there but it has to be mostly positive which is one of the reasons I like this site and want to learn more about the foundation style of training.

Most of my experience has been with German Shepherds and they are no golden retriever. I have z lot of experience but am always wanting to learn from different people. I am here to help the dog in whatever means necessary. I train the dog in front of me not just in general. What works for one might not work for the other. I'm open minded with training to an extent. I want to learn how to train with less corrections but necessary ones. I use the prong collar with no shame because I have studied and know how to properly use it. Same with the e collar. Done tons of research before I even put it on the dog. I dont believe in lighting a dog up or the tank and crank method. I also used treats and affection and praise to help the dog learn. I have watched many trainers and tale things that work great for me and leave other techniques behind. I never try to bad mouth a trainer even though I have always hated some.