Loki is a german shepherd that I got from a shelter as my first dog. Being my first dog, I had NO idea what I was getting into. I had my heart set on him, so I adopted him even though he presented very poorly in the shelter. Once we got home, I watched hundreds of hours of dog training videos to help with his aggression (fear based) and anxiety issues. We also went through several local group classes. He made slow progress and eventually was good enough for me to feel comfortable having him out in dog-friendly places. Then, my mobility declined significantly. I talked to our trainer about Loki becoming a service dog, and after working with him for a while, he said it was possible. I needed the dog, and adopting/purchasing another dog just wasnt an option. I have a very strong bond with Loki and he does respond very well to training. Fast forward 8 months, and he had made MASSIVE improvements. He is now super friendly to everyone out in public, and LOVES his job. We continue his training at home because he is naturally territorial and we are beginning to have some issues with that. He will charge someone if they enter our yard (if he doesn't know them). I can get him to stop and recall without issue, but I dont know why this behavior has come up in the first place. So, Loki's story isn't over yet.