Danni is a 'Cayman Coconut'. an island mutt who was found feral at about 5 months with her mom and sister. mom looked kind of like a collie, and was completely wild and aggressive. Danni was a terrified little thing when she came to me at 6 months for foster. Like peeing, cowering in her crate, frozen terrified 🙁 

I picked Malinios as the 2nd breed, cuz i just now watched her battle with my 60lb pit x for about 10 minutes over a toy, and win, and i was thinking she's got the build of a tiny Malinios and the intensity. she is totally crazy. she's about 40 pounds of pure muscle and speed. its a shame she is so scared of people and the world, because she could excel at so many activities... 




  1. Thats great you have been taking your time trying to build a relationship. Sometimes it just takes time for dogs to start trusting. You can never go wrong going slow and taking your time. Great job!! Also be sure to go over the leadership section of the site. It will also help you prevent potential fights between them over limited resources like toys. Keep up the good work. We look forward to hearing about your progress.

  2. Thank you Judy! She’s come so far from when I got her. She teaches me a lot. My little wild girl.

    They actually play together appropriately with toys. It just amazes me how Danni holds her own. She’s strong for a little thing! And usually will win a tug game thru sheer stamina.

    You are right tho <3. And the 'baby' Sabbath is learning to mind his business when they both get a bone or something. So much good stuff here!!!!!