Clancy is a 14 year old, female Havanese- my childhood dog, she loves to be around people once she is comfortable with them. Speaking of comfort, Clancy is obsessed with blankets and pillows - she will jump out of someone's arms if she sees someone making her a spot with one of her favorite pillows or any blanket. She enjoys being inside and looking at the window and sleeping on the couch, or sleeping in general.

As a child with my first pet dog, Clancy has gone through everything (like having a boy's name). She has been in baby doll clothes, carriages, and cribs. I would surround her with pillows and tell her to "stay" because it was naptime, and I was very persistant about it. I would always try to train her something, I would watch videos like dogs doing party tricks and dogs closing cabinet doors for inspiration and try to train Clancy to do the same. I was unsuccsesful, but I did manage to teach her "paw". What I didn't know was that later on with my life, I would have an interest in dog training. 

Now as an 18 year old, Clancy is currently sleeping (covered with a blanket and on one of her favorite pillows) under my desk while I listen to my college professor teaching the lecture. She follows me around the house when my dad is working, and then she follows my dad around when he's home. Clancy also loves being talked to, I always had the thought of her being a person stuck in a dog's body. For a couple of years, she has been "talking" to us. If she wants to go in the living room with you, she will paw at you and whine until you start following her. I don't recommend stopping because she constantly checks if you are still following her, and if you do stop, she will turn around and stare at you until you continue following her.

As most animals, they know when something is off. Clancy also has that sense (only with someone she is connected to, like my dad and I) and she will speed up the stairs to whoever isn't feeling good and lay down with either me or my dad whenever we aren't feeling our best. Sometimes she just lays next to us or by our feet.