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Tell us about yourself: Hi, Mike. In 2011 I took your puppy training in Cortlandt Manor with my red and white Irish setter Maya. She was a very good dog, with the exception that she never learned not to jump on people to greet them, but then that’s my failure. She died in April 2020 from cancer on her liver. For Christmas this year my wife gave me a new puppy, a golden retriever that she was given by some friends who bred the parents. The pup’s name is Cori — and she has nicknames that my wife and daughters tag her with but I won’t get into that. My wife asked the parents’ owners for the calmest of the puppies they had and they immediately indicated Cori, who was the runt of her litter. She is very mellow basically — but is still a very energetic puppy! She’s super smart, a much quicker learner than Maya (no disrespect to the late Maya) and is already learning that she has to sit or at least have four paws on the floor before I greet. She has tremendous potential, and while I remember some of the training from your puppy classes, I don’t recall everything and need a refresher. Also, I hope you have some in-person sessions available. My goals are that she be a great off-leash dog for walks and hikes in the woods and have great recall (Maya was excellent at both), doesn’t jump on people or jump up and grab food off the table or counter, and learns to use one area of the yard for her necessities. I wanted to connect with K9-1 because you guys were great with Maya and I remember very fondly going to Cortlandt Manor from Ossining on Saturday mornings for training.
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