Maggie came home at (estimated) 6 weeks old. At 7 weeks old, she was attacked by a chihuahua and has since displayed some aggression. This aggression went from fear aggression as a young puppy, and manifested itself as protective aggression in her adult life. She is 19 months old (as of 3-17-2020) and we have made a lot of great progress using the resources from this site. She will now look at other dogs when they bark, shows a fair amount of uncertainty, but has enough mental control over herself to respond to my direction most of the time. Is she blows up, I can correct her for noncompliance of a known command, usually, in the neighborhood of 20-25 on the Educator PE. She has excellent prey drive and overall is just a really fun dog to work with. We share a unique and very strong bong and she's doing really well in my opinion. She's shaping up to be a great dog, we just have to continue working.