Tor is a young, very boisterous Malinois. I brought him home as an 11 week old pup, from quite a reputable breeder in Australia.

He is extremely strong willed, confidant and large, even for his breed. He has picked up a lot of obediance quickly, through just food based marker rewards, and some toys. 

He seems to have crossed quite a discernible age barrier recently though. Despite appearing to be well socilaised, he has begun to lunge at other foreign dogs, mainly that are smaller that I assume he knows he can puch around.

He mainly seems reactive to other dogs when they rush into his space without much warning. He can lay 1m away from an unknown dog who is quiet and calm, without reacting.

I am seeking professional help, but at the same time I would very much like the tools to correct these behaviours myself and move forward.