I work for a local rescue and Turk was left at my doorstep after his previous owner wanted to leave him at the dump. He had been through seven homes at seven months old, was skinny and wormy, and had been terribly abused. The last owner gave up on him because he wasn’t house broken and wasn’t ‘trainable’. 

Within two days of my care I had him letting me know he needed to go outside, as well as the command to sit. Turk is incredibly smart, eager to please, and very responsive to positive reinforcement. The boy wants to work! 

He does have some behavioral issues that do need to be managed, our biggest thing will be socializing. Women tend to be easier for him to accept but men, at this point, are an absolute no go. It is on me to not put him in situations where he will be a bite risk, as well as show him a world he can relax in and enjoy. I am working with him to find a balance between the two and to give this boy the most fulfilling life I can. I am hoping this site will give us the structure and guidance we need.