Winnie is approx 16-17 months old  I pulled her and her 3 siblings out of a junk yard in NYC. Her mother is a Cane Corso. Her father is a fila. I have met her mother and also pulled her. I've seen her father, did not meet. He basically would of taken me out if I even approached him. All of these dogs were bred there and apparently sold to fight.   The owner was a Brazilian guy who didn't believe in socialization, to continue the gaurd and protection nature of the Breed.  Winnie is extremely docile with " her people"  gentle giant.  The other side of her is a confident fierce protector.  I believe she takes my older teenage kids and this house as her job.  She is non social and skeptical of all outside people. Especially if we are outside somewhere.  She is Leary and she will avoid if a human speaks to her with a head turn.  No thank you she basically says.  She is social with my pack. A few issues in her earlier days. She tested them all to see where she fit in.  She found her place at the bottom .  My female kuvaz let her know .  Her and my am staff have a pretty good respect for each other.  I'd like to say they are on equal order. Depends on the situation.  She knows. Sit, down , recall, stay, okay as her release word. And she knows easy. Meaning slow down, be gentle.  She is extremely intuitive to different things.  Head strong and stubborn. Not the dog for a novice that's for sure.  You can't be off  your game. No letting boundaries slip for a day. Or she will take full advantage.