Maggie Mae

Maggie came to me from Hearts For Paws, which is a local rescue that I work with here in San Diego Ca. We bring a lot of very abused dogs up from Mexico. Upon arrival Maggie weighed 6 lbs. She was covered in flees, ticks, and Maggots. She was also severely malnourished. I agreed to foster her, so she is a foster fail!:) Maggie was a fragile, very sweet and cuddly puppy, who was also very scared of the world. She is now going on 6 mos old, weighs 25 lbs, has the longest legs you have ever seen, and is very healthy! She has a great disposition! She loves to play, LOVES people and other dogs, and is very eager to please! She is a family dog. She lives with me, my husband and my daughter, who is a 23 yr old college student. She also adores my adult son who visits frequently. She has an over abundance of beds, toys, and love from all of us. In between playing, napping is her favorite past time! we call her a "rack back", because she will sleep in her bed ("the rack" a sailor term, as we are a Navy family) longer than we do! We also have 3 cats that Maggie always try's to engage in play. The youngest cat (also a foster fail), will play with her a bit, then he is done! The other 2 just tolerate her playfulness! Maggie is very smart, has medium energy for a puppy, and has landed her forever home with us, till death do us part!