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Tell us about yourself: Hi, I am just an animal lover who happened to train all my dogs since I was a kid. I believe that all dogs should have a foundation of obedience. It makes for a better long term relationship between dog and owner. I have used natural horsemanship to train horses. Natural horsemanship begins with understanding the horse. I learned about horse behavior by watching them interact together and in the wild. From there I learned how to build a foundation of trust and communication. It is the same philosophy that I choose to use in an approach to dog training. Over the years I have learned so many different styles and approaches to dog training. However, most don't utilize the understanding of the dog itself. I think to many people blur the lines. Dogs are dogs. Not humans. I feel it is best to learn how to communicate with them by building a relationship based on trust and understanding. So many issues are avoided this way, and if everyone approached dog training in this way, then I feel there would be much less dogs who end up in the shelters. With that said, I am looking forward to going through the foundation training process. I have a new 5 month old Pitt mix rescue that I would like to train to an advanced level. My goal is to use her as a service dog and possible search and rescue. I have started her basics, but I would like to refine them through foundation training. Then take it from there. She had a very rough start to her life so I do have some challenges to work through. But we are here and we are ready!!:)
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Jennifer Tobias