Baruk is the reason I became a dog trainer, and my daily motivation for improvement. He's Frankie's son, and they're great friends.

As I have learned with the little experience I have, Baruk is the typical example of "the second dog". Since he was a pup, he would bark a a few times (out of fear IMO) at other dogs passing by. At the time, I didn't know how to train him or correct him properly, so his fear towards other dogs just escalated as he matured, and he has Fear/Protection Aggression.

His personality is very goofy, puppyish and affectionate (as opposed to Frankie). He is amazing at learning new tricks (we have the Advanced Trick dog title) and he is very obedient.

As mentioned in mi bio, he had a couple rough encounters with our neighbors JRT, and that worsened his problem. Before properly training him, he used to lunge and bite at any dog that would approach us, even if it was friendly. He would go out of his way when off leash (I know, my bad!) to chase off any dogs near us. 

After training him, he still gets a bit agitated (breathing fast and heavy, but nothing crazy) when he sees another dog staring at us, but he would never go towards it, and he obeys pretty well. His recall is on point. 

I can have him off leash, but I'm always nervous an untrained off leash dog will come running at us because he could still bite.