Cedric is 13 years old, he has had a both his back leg cruciate ligaments to rupture and he received 2 cross stitch cruciate repairs. He was just in the weight range to not have to get a plate. Cedric is my first dog and he is the best trained of all my dogs. He has never been to a trianer. He know basic commands including some agility. He heels off leash. He is very well socialized to where I trust him with any dog in any situation. He hasn't had any aggressive or insecurity issues that I've seen. Being a hound, he hasa bit of separation anxety and enjoys company of others. Cedric also had a comprised immune system as a puppy. He was a rescue puppy at 4 months, he developed demodex mange, flea allergies, and atopic dermatitis with licking and chewing at his feet. He  had 4 hematomas along with  ear infections and alllergies. Those are all under control now thanks to him teaching me better ways.