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Country United States of America (the)
Business/Organization Information West coast martial arts academy
Tell us about yourself: I am a husband and father of three kids, i Teach martial arts. This has been my profession for over 35 years. I have grown up on Long Island, New York. Past 20 years have been living in California, i began teaching martial arts in my early to mid teens eventually owning a school which lead to serval, my classes have been gear to to men women and children in the arts based on personal protection. Theses arts include: Kempo, tiger claw Kung fu, mixed martial arts, boxing, submission wrestling and Jiu jitsu, stick and knife fighting. I have trained fighters for simple local competition as well as mixed martial arts and boxing.
I now reside in Californian with my family teaching martial arts and raising a new bull mastiff pup names Georgia. This is my second bull mastiff,
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giuseppe aliotta