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Country United States of America (the)
Business/Organization Information Steel City K9 Emergency Response Team
Animal Friends of Westmoreland
Tell us about yourself: I've had the desire to become a dog trainer for many years in order to improve my own dog handling skills and to help others.

I've been a volunteer at The Animal Friends of Westmoreland for 7 years and I walk many different dogs every week. Though I feel comfortable walking them, I'd like to learn more about how and why they react to different situations. I am anxious to be able to help my fellow volunteers handle the more difficult dogs. Once I become a trainer I will also be able to help adopters with their dog, even going to their house to troubleshoot unwanted behaviors.

I have been on K9 search and rescue teams for the past 7 years. This course will absolutely make me a better SAR handler and will allow me to help my team members with, at least, the obedience component of their certifications.
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Carriella Halas