We found Yuki abandoned in the lot across from our apartment in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. He was very afraid, very skinny and hiding from the desert heat under the only tree available. He bit us twice when trying to take him in - pure fear bite wihtout even leaving a mark. 

When he saw me play with my malinois, he gained some trust and all of a sudden ran towards me and started jumping up and down and then laying on his back in submission. I knew I would not find anyone with the patience, knowledge and willingngess to help him recover. He was a fully hyper dog, almost autistic. We ran into some issues once he gained confidence of biting people when in close quarters. On leash never had a problem. 

On a trip in the US we looked for several dog trainers to help us with him. All suggested we give him medications - prozac - others said he is untrainable, not safe to be around anyone without a muzzle .... Well Ive walked him down Las Vegas strip without muzzle and without any problems. He is a great learner - lives for the ball. Does have problems trusting people. If they play fetch with him he will accept them after a while. 

He is such a fast learner and we have performed in a freestyle drill team with him with good results.