Huracan (spanish for hurricane) is the 4th addition to our pack. He came to us in the aftermath of a cat 5 hurricane (odil) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. At the time we were carrying up bags of dog food to our apartment in which we had 7 dogs (had to rescue a few), when we found him outside of our apartment door with an injury on his leg. He was a very friendly and quiet dog, until left alone, when he did his name justice and destroyed our sofa and pillows. 

It took a while for him to really show affection towards us as humans but he did. He has great prey drive and loves to hunt anything that moves. He is great with kids and other dogs and very gentle and protective. We did a DNA test on him and actually got our money back but he definitely has Australian cattle dog in him, he also has a ridge that goes backward like a rhodesian ridgeback. 

He loves to go off on his own and is an escape artist, also loves having high vantage points. In the house he often goes in to a quiet room where there is no body. Huracan is a very fast learner and we use him to do a freestyle routine and teach tricks to. He has a developed a great protection instinct and has helped us find lost dogs - I want to continue nose work with him. 

One challenge we have been facing lately is that he goes crazy in the car when he sees another dog and starts barking at them like crazy. If we were to let him out at that moment he would simply go and greet and play with the other dog.