Hi i'm Kodak, an intact Xolo. I'm distinctly social compared to my breeds standard. Very curious and outgoing in most situations (scared of nothing but footballs). I'm a dog that wants to please whoever takes care of me and feeds me, which made it easy for my owner to switch from treat-based reward training to affection-based reward training. I am just over 8 months old and like to be obedient most of the time, i have a prettys good recall, sit, down and leash manners, though some times if am smelling something good or playing with a nice doggo it might take him a second recall.

I have lots of friends, i love to play fight, but as soon as the play fight gains a tint of dominance-based play i tend to leave. Same, i love chasing a ball, but the moment there is a ball-obsessed doggo in the picture, i ain't chasing it no more. In short, i think i don t like confrontation.

I overall feel like i am a great companion, it's just my owner who expects too much!! 😉