Rufus is the old man in the family. I got him when he was around 2 years old from a shelter. He had been there a while and was scheduled to be put down because he came off as aggressive. He is a mutt that has GSD, mastiff and I dont know what else. Not very big though only about 70 pounds. He has been an amazing companion. He will climb anything, swim anything, and try and take on anything he thinks is a threat. I can take him anywhere from large crowds to the mountains and he handles it all well. He will let kids climb all over him without a worry one minute and take on a bear (we usually give bears a wide berth but suprised one once and he saved my bacon) the next. He has been to the summit of to many peaks in Washinton State to count, has swam in oceans and mountain lakes and everything in between. He is a once in a lifetime dog.