Ella is a 40lb shepherd husky mix. I adopted her at 12 wks. She was already spayed when I adopted her. Ella has some of the protective instincts of a GSD along with the very high prey drive and love of running of a husky. She is good with people and other dogs. She is great at just hanging out indoors, but would be happier running around hunting squirrels/birds all day in the woods. She has had a low food drive since ~6mo, so will only start taking food once she's tired. She has a high toy drive and loves tug, and fetch! However, she will work the hardest for the opportunity to go hunt/chase/roam. She has had frustration intolerance/barrier frustration since being a pup, but has gotten much better. She can still get extremely hyper on leash if meeting a person or dog she knows.