Campbell is a Cattle x Kelpie x Dingo (Australian wild dog). She is the only one of the litter that looks like a Dingo and she seems to be mostly a Dingo. Sometimes she herds and rounds up other dogs when playing and bites at the heels but she is mostly elusive, cautious and stalks. She is independant and confident  but has some of the traits better suited to surviving as a fully fledged wild dog. Her maturity and judgment even at 8 weeks old was astounding. She has everything she needs for survival already inside her. At present she is only 11 weeks old but as soon as she gets on the scent of a flock of birds or any other prey animal and she turns into a hunting dog. It is quite something to see, she gets onto the scent and starts tracking. She growls at intruders on the property and strangers in the street who she does not know and is wary of people. 

This dog is a challenge and a continual study. I fell in love with the Dingo on my bushwalks where I have had many face to face encounters with them, often out in the middle of nowhere. Having a Dingo cross is a way that I can observe and study them at close quarters as having a fully fledged Dingo comes with a whole lot of legalities, plus they are too much of a handful. The other two dogs in her gene pool, the Australian Cattle and Australian Kelpie are also bred from Dingos. They are both half Scottish and half indigenous Australian, lol!