I trained her in narcotics detection. She is very affectionate and like most dobies she is a velcro dog. She is very busy, always looking for something to do or something to bark at.

One problem and it's a big one. She is dog aggressive on a leash and off-leash. Worst she has "skip step-style aggression".I have to muzzle her at all times when she may around other dogs. I have not found a long-lasting solution but hope to get input from other trainers here on this site. I would like to get another Dobermann so I need to resolve this problem. I welcome any input on this matter.

A second problem, although it might not be a problem. She is human-aggressive in guarding me, especially when in my truck when someone approaches. She lets people know that they better stay away from my vehicle. Now some people may say I should feel lucky but once she gets going it is hard for me to get her to stop. Now away from the truck, she is fine with people. Definitely, territorial aggression I think.