Coco is a 1 yr old German Sheppard who has basic obedience and was purchased from WorldClass K-9 in Conyers Georgia. At some point I would like to have her learn personal protection .
Currently I am having a problem with her urinating in her crate when she is confined at night
She gets walked at least 3'times a day but still seems to urinate in her crate at night. She doesn't drink a lot of water and doesn't have water after 5 pm. Took her to vet to see if she has a urinary tract infection but it was negative. Still trying to figure out a solution.


    1. Hey Keith,

      Thanks for reply

      Firstly are these big puddles of pee or just small amounts? that information can help out understanding whats going on.

      Also glad you put the dog in for a vet check to clear that up great thinking!!!

      My pup GHOST is crate training at night also.

      Yes it is a reality that he may pee in there but i make absolutely sure he does “wee’s” before he enters the crate (at around 7pm latest) and anytime i hear him scratching or shifting and fidgeting which indicates he needs out for the toilet. Personally I wouldn’t with-hold water from him because I cant really guarantee that water intake after 5pm will ensure no pee, and i know the dry kibble/raw food combination I feed him really makes him thirsty (possibly high complex carbs/sugars in the kibble) however i know airlines and other transport carriers suggest that type of method for long haul journeys ect…honestly i think you would need to try and find out exactly when (time) during the night and day the dog does pee and the volume of pee. Use the house breaking chart to record details to really dial in the pattern and data, it could be as simple as giving the dog a toilet break/opportunity before you go to bed as well.

      Obviously you don’t want to scold the dog or correct them for simply not being able to hold on, especially with no data to back up a plan.

      Once you can establish a pattern then defiantly implement a plan.

      Here is a few pics of my dogs at home in the crate.

      /Users/kimjames/Desktop/untitled folder 2/20180109_002240.jpg
      /Users/kimjames/Desktop/untitled folder 2/20180109_132456.jpg
      /Users/kimjames/Desktop/untitled folder 2/20180109_132605.jpg
      /Users/kimjames/Desktop/untitled folder 2/20180109_132730.jpg
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