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Country United States of America (the)
Certifications Bachelor's of animal science
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Tell us about yourself: Hello My name is Christine.
I am currently enrolled in the training course w/ mike to become a foundation style dog trainer. I have always been working with animals ever since middle school. I started with large animal and stuck with horses at first. I went to SUNY Cobelskill and obtained by bachelors degree in Animal science. Some of the related courses were dog training as well as nutrition, handling and reproduction classes as well. I worked at PetSmart for 7 years in total, 5 as a petcare attendant and 2 as a dog trainer. I currently work in Middletown NY at a vet hospital called the Ani-Mall.
We offer many options, full veterinary care, dog and cat boarding/day care, nutritional advice, grooming and basic obedience seminars/classes. I work in every department but mainly i run the spa which is boarding/grooming. I was also doing basic puppy classes, house calls to work on problem behaviors and potty training seminars. I cannot wait to get out there and keep learning as much as I can, not only about behavior but how animals are now involved in the family, nutrition (its always changing), specific clients needs and providing a reliable service that people can trust.
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