Fluke is 4 years old. I brought him home at 12 weeks. The breeder told me I would have issues since she observed him growling at litter mates over a bone. She took the bone and never gave it back. When i had him home I had issues with resource guarding over bully sitck with me. This seemed to be resloved when I gave him a higher value treat. 

As a puppy when fluke would get excited (usually over greeting someone) he would be fixated with having something in his mouth. Usually a toy, shoe, blanket, pretty much anything that is nearby. Fluke continues to do this at 4 years old.

Fluke became very protective of my company van with other dogs. Carlos Garcia who works with me helped with an exercise to help Fluke make better choices. This really helped. Fluke still has issues but I am able to manage it.

Fluke is very sociable with other dogs. From what I have learned, he seems to have domiance and aggression that is very predictable. I have been told he doesn't skip steps in the aggression cycle.

Flukes loves to swim and is a very strong swimmer. He has been known to swim for 8 or more hours if he could. He will also open his eyes while under water if he was trying to retrieve a ball.

Fluke also loves to go on the boat and help when fishing. He is very patient and has learned to be safe.