She is a sweet 9 week old puppy who was brought home on 11/05/16.  She went in her crate upon assembly, and sleeps in there after giving up a couple whines....I am always right next to her as of now.  She goes potty on schedule.  We have hired a dog trainer recommended by The Brooklyn Dog Whisperer, and Monday we are beginning tethering.

She has some food issues.  She was in the house as the last puppy of the litter to leave with 5 big dogs.  Food was left out for them, and she grazed on their food.  She hasn't eaten a meal here yet, and when she does she grabs a piece and takes off.  So there's that....

Over all, she is damn sweet and cute as hell.  We will be training her using this curriculum, and hope on having  a happy well adjusted, crate trained dog who is loved!