Maud is a Kelpie Pup. We are an older but still active couple and Maud will be our last active dog. Although she is a full blood Kelpie, registered with the Australian Working Kelpie Council, we have purchased her from a breeder that breeds for lower energy and has a lot of dogs living happy lives as pets in cities. Having said that, the herding drive is strong in her and at 12 weeks she wants to round up anything she finds including any grandchildren, hens, other dogs etc. She is typical of the breed: very smart, a sound dog physically, the bit of Dingo DNA (4% so they say) makes them hardy. Very affectionate, motivated by food treats, within reason she is happy in a crate or on a tether, happy on a long car journey. She should top out at 15kg. Slinky in her movements; almost cat like: very different to the labs we have had before.