I originally did puppy visits for Holly's owner; the owner purchased Holly from a farm in rural North Wales. He did not do any research on the breeder; he also failed to visit the farm and so did not see Holly's parents. Unfortunately the owner became ill soon after Holly's arrival. The first few months of Holly's life where spent being moved back and forth between me and the owner. Eventually it was decided that I would re-home Holly; the owner too ill to offer the exercise she would eventually need. I did some research on the breeder and found they had been prosecuted by the RSPCA. Dog's lived in squalid conditions locked in filthy barns and eating from sheep/cow carcasses. A bin full with dead puppies was discovered by RSPCA officers. I found Holly to be a very difficult pup to live with. She would never show affection to me or my family, never wagged her tail, although she would to strangers. She would hiss and bite whenever challenged; Whilst on a walk she would sometimes attack me in the street almost ripped the arm from my coat! Thanks to the leadership program and proper use of affection she has improved a great deal. I can now use affection as a reward, and she is a very affectionate dog. With rules and boundaries around the house she is now very easy to live with. I have worked through phase 1 obedience and she is doing well on phase 2 although she still has a way too go.