Lexi Onida

She is very energetic 7 week old with a high prey drive. She is all puppy with few of her breed specific behaviors visible. She is just learning about the world.

Took several years to find her and currently plan to just observe for the next couple of weeks; giving her a chance to settle in, getting to know us, as well as us learning her while play training. We all had a long ride getting back home.

Was rather impressed she only had one accident in the car. After the first successful time stopping and letting her go outside she would go to the car door and start loudly letting you know she needed out.

So far only one accident in the house as well. Since then she has so far sat, looked at me and whined until taken out. 

She has came a long way. Need to work on her stability under distractions.
She is maturing, and it seems her attitude is changing with it, which is going to require close monitoring for while.
Usually very friendly, and submissive acting towards people but yesterday for the first time when I handed a yard hand my loading ticket, with no warning, I got slammed in the shoulder when I brought my arm back into the truck because she was trying to jump out of the truck at the yard hand at the same time I was turning back around, figuring it was because I had the door partially open when I got to the guard shack I just rolled the window down, and reached out to hand it to the guard, she again started for the window, being prepared I was able to interrupt.

Thinking back she never reacted until they took it. She has never been exposed to someone taking something out of our hands, and we never thought about it.

My main concern with her is the same as Ace if they follow the temperament as I have known them years ago: They are territorial and protective. What someone can do off their turf; pet them, talk them etc; may not apply while on their turf, or in proximity to us if they feel there is a threat.