Got him on Dec 10. Intelligent pup with a stubborn streak. Had a fear of stairs, and movements in woods at night when we first got him.

Got him past those fears. He will now readily run up and down lattice on an incline greater than 45 degrees. Now loves to take walks outside at night and will stand steady beside me with coyotes yodeling 50 yards away, compared to hightailing for the house at the slightest rustle of leaves.

Has tremendous prey drive, took a few times to get him to leave chickens and cats alone. Working on getting him to see lambs as off limits now.

Although he knows all basic commands of sit, down, heel, stay and wait, Sit and stay until released to eat, I am having to go back through them all again. 

Had started training him using affection, and praise as rewards. (Only thing I ever used in past.) Reading all the new material I decided to try supplementing food rewards as well. BAD, bad mistake with this pup!

Why oh why didn't I stick with the books I read in the early 80's. 🙁

After I found food treats he actually wanted, they worked well, but caused many issues from only one or two sessions using treats occasionally. Perhaps once every three commands. He decided if I didn't have them everytime he wouldn't obey, or would try to nip, bite and complain, especially on the down. Trying to repeatedly place him in the down was becoming a contest of wills Unless I had treats and he knew it (even though he was doing them well BEFORE using treats). Had to resort to making him stay on a 50' run until he obeyed. He had demonstrated many times he knew the command well. So anytime he wanted off the run into the house, or to go feed with me, he had to down or I would walk away. It seems to be working.

When feeding livestock, to keep him from getting hurt by the ewes with lambs I have to stay between him and the sheep, last couple times I have been able to tell him sit-stay and lead the sheep away, and he has for the several minutes it takes to feed them even with all the commotion! I am used to older dogs with much less drive and more control, so I guess he is showing a lot of self control for a 4 month old with so much energy and drive. Seems may be we are making progress again. 

Using treats seems to have damaged our relationship and made him lose respect. Now rebuilding our relationship and gaining respect back ever so slowly . Using them, has so far, set his training back a month. He is starting to progress again.

He goes to work with me and is steady with all the commotion of a construction site; saws, hammers, noises of nailers even ramsets (sound like guns) don't phase him. 

We have found he also likes hide and find. My wife and I will take turns hiding and get him to track us to find us. He did pretty good at it last weekend. 

Having had Siberians and one German shepherd before he is an anomaly: It is almost as though the energy of the husky is focused into the shepherd. Like a Husky he will complain very vocally when he doesn't want to follow a command while he is doing it. Also like a Husky he will seldom bark, can be people friendly, but is becoming sharp concerning new people like a German shepherd and had shown protection instincts of the shepherds as well, and although not as indepentdent as a Husky can still try to wander and chase game like a husky. 

He is getting eagar to be helpful. Have been talking to him and showing him what to do at end of day to clean up the trash from the days work. He is actually starting to pick things up and follow me to the trash box with it. If I am dragging something he wants to grab hold and help.

The most difficult task seems to be balancing two breeds behavior in one dog.