Mother was snake bit while pregnant and he is only one to survive a week past birth.

Made it to one month old so far. 

Not knowing any long term health effects will keep him as don't feel comfortable selling or placing in a home without knowing possible implicatioins. 


  1. 17 months old. Just started obedience training in the past month.
    Have worked primarily on charging whistle for recall, here command, Secondary has been heel, down, sit, and whoa command as well as working on right and left.(gee and haw for carting)
    Last 3 sessions have been familiarization with the cart and E/O on how I want him to move under tow bars to hook up.
    Used food as primary reinforcer, and verbal for secondary.
    To date negative punishment only.
    Examples: Give him the line up command as I lure him in to position and give him the treat, and good boy simultaneously, as soon as he was close to the position I wanted, and incrementally delaying the treat to get him to adjust until he finally made it into the proximal position to hook up to the cart.
    On his second session, I continued from the first with primary and secondary reinforcers every time, with interspersed sits, downs, and whoa command, Gradually working to fade the lure/treat.
    After a time during the second session he began to show boredom so hooked him to the cart to break the monotony. After pulling for about 5 minutes he showed to be ready for next step by trying to enthusiastically pull the cart with locked brakes.
    An hour break and he ended up enjoying a several hundred yard run.

    Area’s showing need for improvement to focus for next session.
    Working in distractive environment.
    Leave it.
    At me command.