Polly is our adopted dog since november 2020. She was rescued from a home where she was abused. When found by some local shelter fellows, she was extremely hungry, thin, and took care of a malnourished puppy. A month later came to us in better shape, nonetheless we discovered she suffered an urinary infection for some time, damaging permanently one of her kidneys. She is now feed with special kidney food. During the first months with us we also discovered she can be fear aggresive to strangers and is very unconfortable to anyone approaching us. She has some triggers to her fear, particularly when confronted to men holding a walking stick for example. This led unfortunately to some attacks to family members, although not very serious. On the other hand, she is very kind with other dogs and will play with all of them at the local park.
We worked with a trainer for some time, who helped us with the basics of reading dog behaviour and keep her calm, this has led Polly to behave again more like a normal dog again (she now barks, and is much more active with us). She is now confortable with the muzzle and is pretty much attached to us