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Which is best for a 10-14 week old Yellow lab puppy — Leash Manners/This Way/Wait & Come & Fetch on a long line, maybe outdoor Leave It/Out in particular?

Here are what I think are my options:

Easy walk harness (clip on chest)?

Conventional harness (clip on back)?

Slip lead?



Of course, everything I’m doing is Ph. 1, but outdoors (and for some things, indoors) I need the leash for safety and/or to prompt.

My inclination is a harness w/a clip on the back for most everything right now. But Hudson’s growing real fast.

He’s a vigorous, hard puppy, and I want him to stay that way.

I’m torn between slip/martingale/puppy-width starmark, as soon as I’m sure Hudson

won’t be traumatized by a light finger pump. I figure by the time he’s 14 weeks, at the latest, one of those will be fine.

Slip lead pros: not cumbersome. Can get it on / off easy. When u don’t need it, if H. is wearing a harness you can quickly get a leash on if you need to. I don’t like unnecessary stuff around a Puppy’s neck. If you know what u r doing, you can do light finger pumps & it’s not as aversive as a starmak.

Cons: Not sure if clients can handle it right. I am working hard to communicate that your primary line of control is you yourself; i.e., voice, eyes, body language. And leash is there, esp right now, mostly to prompt/remind.

As soon as Hudson turns 14 weeks, or as soon as I decide he’d be OK w/it, physically/psychologically, I’m inclined to switch to a puppy starmark.

Suggestions, anyone. I would be grateful if you explain your reasons. Thx.

This is an update/clarification to my question about gear for a 9-10 wk old lab: Mendota type slip lead is out, bec of the tracheal damage danger. So I’m on the lookout for the best harness for Ph 1 and 2 trng. That means: easy to get on / off; no tracheal pressure; best communication to Hudson-puppy of finger pumps and leash pressure. When I say ‘best communication,’ I mean that he feels the pumps/pressure quickly and in a way that most easily translates to pumps/pressure on a starmark. Some harnesses have a single ring on the dog’s back. Others have a single ring on the chest. Others have a single ring on both back and chest. I’m not sure if I need a ring in both locations. I’m also not sure which would work best: pumps on a chest ring or pumps on a back ring. My hunch is that a back ring is best, because pumps on a chest ring will turn him around, which I think is NOT what’s needed. Comments/recommendations gratefully accepted. Thx.

Allie McCain

Here is Ringo and Pfieffer’s most recent session. Ringo was much happier. We also decided to kick Pfieffer out of P3 positional directives as well. They are still enjoying phase 3 recall and this way. I sent out a proofing video to all my clients (review never hurts). Thanks for not letting me off the hook! It’s so worth it to see both of these angels happy. Ringo has been the focus for a while so we’ll get more Pfieffer heel videos ASAP! If you see anything here that I could tidy up your input would be appreciated …. also phase 2 Jingle suggestion (tune to Wayne’s world) Phase 2…training time….excellent

Storm has been doing great with TV and I sporadically tried to run a drill and I allowed her to look at the TV for too long between commands, so she ended up breaking the bed command to lunge and got a decent correction and ended up overcompensating and it was sloppy. I should have given her something else to do (ABA….Whoot whoot) instead of letting her focus on Orfeo (it was a Judy video). This is the immediate follow up to help her feel better and give her some wins. For your consideration

What is your opinion on Laparoscopic vs. traditional spays? One of my clients (Stormys sister) asked me and I don’t have an educated opinion. Obviously less invasive sounds good but leaving dead tissue in the body makes me wonder if it’s the best idea.

Dave Page

Doing some research came across the dangers of using balls for rewards. If a client wanted to use a ball as a reward how would you educate them on the risks

Recommend an alternative? How have you handled it? Never using them myself never thought how a tennis ball or chuck it could be life ending for a dog, or that some carry things such as towel clamp forceps just in case.


So I use mostly negative reinforcement for my walking clients. Any issues if I wanted to start adding leash resistance to some basic commands like sit?

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