Daria’s Protocol for Capturing Place/Calmness

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Protocol for Capturing Place/Calmness

by Daria Rylkova https://dogtraining.world/members/drylkova

The purpose of these exercises is to encourage your puppy’s or adult dog’s decision to relax, while you’re busy and not paying attention to him. This is also a good way to encourage the puppy to be self-sufficient as you go out of the room.

Since the dog makes his own decision to remain calm in one place, it will then be easier to teach him to go a specific place on cue for long durations.

You can do this exercise using your dog’s dinner mixed with a few higher value treats like tiny pieces of hot dog or cooked meat.

Especially, if you’re still in the process of house-breaking, it may help to tether the dog (ie on a 6ft line) to limit the choices he can make.

Set the dog up for success by exercising him beforehand.

1. Start off by baiting the dog’s bed/blanket/towel with a few treats/pieces of kibble

2. Reinforce the dog for laying down and not directly paying attention to you on a variable interval.

3. Practice going out of the room for longer durations and reinforce the puppy for remaining in place. Since this exercise is harder, reinforce even if he does look in your direction, especially at first.

4. If the dog gets up, simply ignore and wait for him to lay back down.

5. You can calmly mark the behavior (ie “good boy”) or just place a few pieces of food each time.

The following is a 30 min video sped up 5X with a 3.5 month old Alaskan Husky puppy. It was his second time doing the exercise. He is a very active puppy, who gets anxious when left alone.

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