• balkis

    September 8, 2009 at 7:14 pm

    Hi Mike,

    Well believe it or not, at one time or another since we adopted Kaila we have been told she was part 1)lab 2) pit bull 3)rottie and 4) chow —- so good call.

    I don’t think Kaila really has any Pit Bull in her – she doesnt’ have any interest in playing any type of tug games. I also don’t think she has much Lab in her either – she has even less interest in playing fetch.

    So that narrows it down to maybe Rottie or Chow or both with a little of the others.

    She isn’t very growly and rarely barks. One thing she does do however, BIG PROBLEM, is run our fence line when other dogs go by. (fence line means – 6ft high chain link/stockade fence that borders our property and the area the dogs go in). Also, she loves just sitting outside “keeping watch”.

    Also, regarding the “fence line” – this is where the incident between Kaila and Sadie took place. It happened on more than one occassion (before Stitch). The two dogs got in each others way.

    As I write this I’m thinking that maybe the dominant breed is Rottie. So if that is the case, any suggestions?

    I don’t really know much about Chow behaviour but will research.