• Michael D’Abruzzo

    July 20, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    It is hard to tell without more details, but it sounds like most likely there are a lot of missing pieces to your training plan.

    For instance, you have a dogra collar, but did you formally train him in phase 1 and phase 2 obedience with the flexi? Have you watched the training videos and trained in the technical way and see that he understands the whole predictable chain reaction of commands on the flexi and then the flexi with dogtra, then dogtra with line line?

    Remember, this is a support forum for a very technical training style so you must make sure everything it is in place or it will be difficult to help.

    Tieing him out on a dog house will probably have the opposite effect of him sticking around – since he is going to feel more restrained and not part of the “pack” and he will act more like hunting beagle when loose. It is highly recommended to get him into the house or be sure to work with him daily on bonding exercises like obedience, play, and walks.

    Without formal training and relationship building where he is intregrated more with the family there be less desire to stay close if he is used to being seperated anyway- and the dogtra collar will only confuse him and potentially violate the 3rd foundation step in our triangle.

    This dog should not be loose period without a fence if you don’t want him taking off – until you know for sure everything is in place. That is part of the management plan in the system. When you reach the point where he understands the recall in phase 3, then he can be lose supervised. But, even that should be tested in an enclosed area around distractions before trusting out in the open.