• striano

    November 15, 2010 at 4:07 pm

    I took Thor to my daughters on sunday to see his brother, Boy did I make a big mistake! I was thinking oh hes going to be so excited! I forgot for a moment hes a dog!!! My husband warned me not to take him. They were both on leashes and smelling each other. Then Ares jumped on Thors head as he has done a million times before. Thor reacted like a dog and went after him he made growls that scared me!! As soon as we seperated them everything was fine. we kept them apart the rest of our visit. I was so sure they would be happy to see each other and play! I finally got it they are DOGS and will never think as I do. I learned a lesson that I wont forget! the signs were all there. Ares had the hair on his back standing up at the meeting I ignored that. Thor is rarely into other dogs as it is. After I told you so from Tony I now will stop thinking he has human thoughts. He couldnt care if he ever saw Ares again he is thriving now that Ares is at his own home. The good news is he was the perfect student and when ares was walked while thor was there he held his place and didnt move! Thanks to all of his trainers! I never thought he could be trained. Now I’m looking forward for more training on my behalf. I have sooo much to learn! thanks! Tamby