• TheRookie

    October 18, 2010 at 9:08 am

    okay thanks mike.

    and yes, regardless of whether i give the treat or not, i ALWAYS praise them for doing good. i say “good girl” or “good girls” all day long! i’ve actually begun to talk to my kids in the same tone when they do something positive. kinda weird.

    even though they are house broken, every time they pee or poo and i’m outside to see it (or when they sit by the door to let me know they need out to relieve themselves), they get lots of praise. when they are getting into something they shouldn’t be and i tell them no….i praise right when the respond to my NO command. every time they come to me when i call…..i praise (because i want them to follow commands when there are distractions like when the start to chase the cat back across the street. which they stop at the sidewalk about 90 percent of the time).

    they don’t get food, water, treats, toys, get to come inside or go outside without doing a simple command first (usually sit, or sit and down). then they get praise along with the reward of whatever i am giving them. they are great dogs and they love to please.

    the only downside with having two dogs, is it’s impossible to play fetch. every time the one with the ball should be bringing it back to me, the other dog disrupts the return and i never get the ball back. and, it is very difficult (impossible) to get them to walk well on the leash together (one dog per person). if the other dog, or even kids are in front of them….they pull. so i have to take them out individually to play fetch and go for a proper walk, or to work on the Heel (i use Foos. i don’t like the term heel cause everyone who thinks they’ve trained their dog so well and try to show off by making them heel. so they end up looking dumb saying heel a bunch of times with absolutely no response from the dog. “My brother”)

    anyway, thanks again mike,