• Michael D’Abruzzo

    July 24, 2009 at 2:36 am

    My first thought would be to maybe take a slightly different route to the “spot” if possible and if not possible and either way head to the spot with some excitement – maybe even with a treat lure or toy to distract until you reach the “spot”. then, give your command to “better go now” and then definitely reward with a treat or the toy. If Donovan stops along the way to pee – if still possible scoop him up as quick as you can and bring him to where he can finish. If it is one specific spot that he has recently gotten into the habit of going you can become creative and lay something like a tarp, shower curtain, aluminum foil, etc over the spot to throw him off while you cruise past it. You can also put a harness or other safe collar (not any choker types) on him and just run or move very brisk to that spot with a purpose and act very happy – if he slows down to dead wait just keep the feet moving and keep praising so he cannot get comfortable to pee or poop until he gets there, so even if he tries it isnt as pleasant as if he goes to the bingo spot. If anything seems too stressfull for the dog or you back up and rethink the plan.

    Dogs are creatures of habit so it is definitely easiest at this stage to take advantage of that and make it almost impossible for him to go anywhere else when he initially leaves the house except for that spot. If you find something that works stick with it for at least a month before you think of letting your guard down. Remember to give him that extra reason to go in the bingo spot by giving him a treat.

    keep the posts coming to keep us updated. we’re in this together!