• balkis

    June 7, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry just getting back to you now. I’ve been off the site for a bit.

    Hmmm – in answer to your one question, I can’t really say I’ve noticed positive changes in my other 2 dogs. Only because they really don’t have any issues that I’ve noticed. I can tell you that Milo (9 1/2 yrs) and Stitch (6 yrs) are in good shape and are both active. I play lots of catch games with Stitch and Milo goes for lots of bike rides with me.

    Like I mentioned before all 3 dogs have been on the glycoflex for about 2 – 3 years (can’t remember exactly) now. Did Kaila already have some damage before that – MOST LIKELY. Since we adopted her (about 9 years ago) she has always been high energy when it came to being out in the yard. She used to go crazy jumping up and down at the fence when someone past our house. (Don’t worry – we MANAGE that now!) From all the research I’ve done on this subject, the damage to the ACL is done in small increments over time. So it is definitely possible there was damage before having her on the glycoflex. Now, would she be in worse condition if she weren’t on the glyco? Would she be in even better condition if she were on the Agility? I can’t say for sure. But:

    What I think I’ll do – and it will be a good experiment – is I will put Kaila on the Agility. For just the one dog it won’t be too expensive and then we can see if there is a difference.

    Once again, thanks for your input,