• abndogos

    May 25, 2010 at 1:01 am

    HI. Are you going to be able to keep her quiet while one of the legs heals? How much “torture” is it going to be to keep her/him quiet while it heals? My breeder had a MUCH younger dogo male have the surgery, he tore one ACL, got it fixed, and then tore the other, got it fixed, and then tore the first one again. Inevitably, she had to put him to sleep, she could not bear seeing him 1) in pain and 2) him having to be confined to a crate when he was such an active dog (as most dogos are)….hence, why I ask how much “torture” it will be to keep him/her confined while it heals. How active is she now, how much do the torn ACL’s limit her mobility life right now, how much pain is she in? Being an RN, I always have to think of the quality of life vs quantity. Good luck!