• Teresa Stanczak

    September 12, 2012 at 9:15 am

    Hi Julia,

    It is not unusual that dogs react to men especially tall ones and those that where hats. It is somewhat unusual that a 5 year old dog will spontaneously develop this reaction with no previous history.

    Could you provide us with some background on Kush?
    How long have you had him? Where was he acquired? Any pertinent events or info from his past? Does he live with or interact with any men regularly?

    In the meantime you will deal with it pretty much the same as the dog aggression. If you encounter a trigger on your walk have him. Heel or sit and then maintain him in that position using the appropriate correction for that command. Praise and Reward him for good behavior and
    Non reaction.
    Teaching him to wear a muzzle is also helpful.