• Mathew Vandart

    September 21, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    I was going to say that this could be a case of spontaneous recovery where a previously extinguished behaviour returns for no apparent reason, bare in mind it may not have been extinguished purposefully. As Teresa has suggested above introduce and reinforce an incompatible behaviour in order to extinguish this one.
    I would use lie down.
    Ensure the dog is attending to you, like look at me and such like, this can be taught away from the trigger stimulus, like in your house.
    Get this sorted before you try it outside.
    I don’t mean this offensively but are you using the pinch collar properly, some people have the misconception (IMO) that a pinch collar is for stopping an unwanted behaviour, it is rather a tool for ‘Proofing’ the incompatible behaviour to ensure the dogs knows for instance that when you say sit, you mean ‘Sit and don’t move until you are freed, if you get me.
    I am not 100% that this is how a pinch/prong collar is used in this system as I am still assimilating this system myself.

    Personally I would get the dogs eyes tested before anything else.